Frequently asked questions about Car rental in Spain - FAQ

Frequently asked questions

The following information only refers to locations where Centauro have an office (Barcelona-Valencia-Alicante-Murcia-Malaga- Mallorca-Ibiza Airports, Torrevieja & Benidorm local offices).

We recommend familiarising yourself with our conditions of hire before reading this section to be sure of resolving all your queries.

Reservations & Modifications

I need to change some details on my confirmed booking, flight nº, extras etc., how do I do it?

On our website you can view your reservation and add or change the extras, include the flight number, or pre-pay the reservation.
If you need to change any other details then you will need to contact our reservation department by email ( , including your booking reference number and the details of the changes that you require.

Do I have to go to the office in person to extend my hire period – or can I do it by phone?

To extend your hire period, you need to go to one of our offices.
It is not possible to extend via our web page. It is not possible to extend your hire by telephone.

How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel the reservation directly on our website. Just include the booking number and email address you used when you made the reservation and you then have the option to cancel.
If you are not able to cancel on our website, you can send an email to our reservation department ( and we will do it for you. Please include your booking number.

I’ve paid for my booking online and now need to cancel it. How do I do this? When will I get my money back?

The moment you cancel, our system registers it and proceeds immediately to refund you. Although we do the refund straight away, depending on the bank it can sometimes take several days to appear in your account. If you find it is taking too long to get to your account, please do not hesitate to email us for the proof of payment.

What is your cancellation policy? Is there a charge?

There are no cancellation costs with Centauro so long as you do it through our web-site, which is why we suggest booking early to guarantee availability and the best price. If you do not cancel your reservation, we will charge a fee of 20€ on your credit card.

How can I guarantee the model of my car?

We confirm bookings for a vehicle group not for a specific model of car, as it is not possible to now the vehicle we are going to hand over to you until your actual arrival. However, we do guarantee that it will belong to the group booked and have the same features.

If I have lost my license or its renewal is being processed, can I hire a vehicle?

Yes you can, so long as you provide us with proof that your license is being renewed.

Where is the office I go to in order to pick up the car I have booked?

Centauro offices are located at Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Malaga, Mallorca & Ibiza airports, Torrevieja & Benidorm local offices.
All other offices are serviced by Centauro partner companies made at any destination, both national and international.
Once you have started the reservation process and have selected your collection point you can then view all the details for your booking such as prices, availability, office details, opening times and lots of other information you may need.

I want to return my car when the office is closed. Is that possible? Is there a charge?

This is not a problem as we are available 24 hours for returns at the following airports_

Alicante: Available at no extra charge
Murcia: Available at no extra charge
Malaga. Available from 01/04 to 31/10 between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00. There is an extra charge of 40€ for this service.

For Valencia, Ibiza, Palma and Barcelona it is not possible to leave the car outside of the office opening hours.

I’m not coming by plane, how can I book?

If you are not flying and are travelling directly to one of our offices, you just need to write the word “office” in the Flight No. box. If you are coming by plane, it is very important that you give us your flight number to confirm your arrival time.

Will I still be able to have the car if my flight is delayed and I arrive after the office closes?

Alicante & Murcia Airports
To pick up your car hire outside our office hours (that is from 23.01 to 06.59), there will be an additional charge of 40€. It is imperative that you include a valid flight number for the arrival.
Malaga Airport:
This service is available from 01/04 until 31/10. Reservations made from 23:01hrs and 06:590hrs will have an additional charge of 40€. It is imperative that you include a valid flight number for the arrival.
From 01/11 to 31/03 we do not accept reservations with arrivals between 23:01hrs and 06:59hrs. If you have a confirmed reservation before 23.00 and your flight is delayed then you must call the corresponding Centauro airport office so that we can ensure your pick up. There will be a 40€ charge applicable.
Valencia, Mallorca, Ibiza & Barcelona Airports:
We do not accept reservations with arrivals between 23:01hrs and 06:59hrs. If you have a confirmed reservation before 23.00 and your flight is delayed then you must call the corresponding Centauro airport office so that we can ensure your pick up. There will be a 40€ charge applicable.

How do I obtain my customer code and password?

You have two options:

If you are already a Centauro customer and you don't remember your password, click here and then enter the details requested. If you get the message "There is not a customer with this e-mail address", please send us a mail by clicking here with your name, surname and your passport.
If you prefer, you can just make a reservation and enter your Passport or your Centauro Customer Number in addition to the mandatory fields. If you do so, our system will send you an email with you login details (username and password) and your reservation details.
If you are a new to Centauro, to get your Customer number all you need to do is to log onto our webpage and make a reservation. Shortly after we will send by email your customer number & password.

I need to change my personal details, how do I do this?

Go to the Client area
If you need assistance, then please send an email to our reservation department ( giving details of your client number and the details to change.

Can I hire more than one car with a single booking?

You currently have to make a separate booking for each car that you hire.

I’ve booked a car online but have yet to receive confirmation. What should I do?

The confirmation voucher should normally be sent to you automatically by email. Sometimes this can take a few minutes. It could be that you haven’t received it because it has been marked as spam, and for that reason we ask you to check your “Deleted Items” box. If you do not receive your voucher, you can go to our website and print it off by entering your reservation number and email address in the “Customer Login/My Bookings’” section.

Can I book over the phone and still get the web price?

We recommend that you book online for reasons of speed and cost. You can also book by phone but will have to pay a surcharge.

Prices & Insurance

What is included in the hire price?

See our conditions of hire (Point 1)

What insurance is included in the hire price?

  • Third party insurance
  • Theft Protection
  • Damage to third parties

What is SMART insurance?

SMART insurance

Do I need to leave a deposit?

No deposit is required if you take out the SMART Insurance, if you prefer not to take out the insurance then we will block on your credit card the amount of 600€-800€ depending on the vehicle type reserved to cover any possible damages to the car. For more information see our conditions.

Once the rental has been finalized then the amount is automatically returned to you. You will not see any charge or refund on your account as this does not generate any movement.

Can I take the car outside Spain? Is there a charge?

Vehicles collected at any of our locations cannot be taken on any ferry between the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and/or the mainland. From our Mainland offices only, vehicles can be taken outside of Spain to Andorra/France/Portugal only. CHARGE APPLIES. Customers should also bear in mind that if they do so without authorization, they will not be covered by their insurance or eligible for roadside assistance.
To cover this we offer the Cross border insurance and is additional to the Full Insurance (SMART)

Do I get a better price if I book in advance?

Without a doubt, given that our prices are calculated on a daily basis and according to the availability of our fleet at any given moment.


Methods of payment

Payment can be made either via our web-site (it is a secure site) or on collection of the vehicle. In both cases it must be by credit card – Visa or Mastercard.

Can I pay in cash?

We do accept cash for payment of the car hire along with a credit card (NOT DEBIT) as a guarantee. You must take out the SMART insurance and also leave a 300€ deposit.

Can I pay by debit card?

Yes, with the condition that you take out the Full SMART insurance and a deposit of 300€ will also be charged to the card and returned at the end of the rental.

Can I pay with my credit card if I am not the person who picks up the car?

The following information only refers to locations where Centauro have an office (Barcelona-Valencia-Alicante-Murcia-Malaga- Mallorca-Ibiza Airports, Torrevieja & Benidorm local offices)

Yes, that is acceptable but we require written authorization from the credit card holder. The authorization can be sent via email to our reservation department with details of the card. We do not need the card on arrival.
The details we need are: Booking reference number, the cardholder name, person to be authorized, credit card name, credit card number and validity to date.

For example: I John Smith authorize the charges on my credit card number 1234-1234-1234-1234 with expiry date 05/16 all charges relating to reservation number XXXXXX-XXXXXX in the name of Mary Jones.

Extras & other products

How do I register an additional driver?

Any additional drivers can be registered on collection of the car. They simply need to bring their driving license and Passport.. Alternatively, this can be done on our website, under ‘My Bookings’ choosing the option ‘Change Extras’

What’s the charge for an additional driver?

Each additional drive will have a charge of 4€ per day with a minimum charge of 12€ and maximum charge of 40€.

What are the requirements for the driver as regards age and driving license?

All drivers must have been in possession of a full EU-valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year. The minimum age of the driver is 21. Clients over the age of 75 years must take our full insurance (SMART). Young driver supplement: Between 21 & 24 years there is a charge of 5€ per day. Minimum charge of 15€ maximum 70€.

What type of child seats do you have? Are they forward or backward-facing?

Baby Seats: 0 - 13 months.
Child Seats: 13 months - 3 years
Booster Seats: 3 – 7 years

All types of child seats and booster seats are made to European safety standards and are available subject to availability for 5,5€ per day with a maximum charge of 66€ per seat.

Do you provide GPS (satellite navigation) devices?

Yes, we do provide GPS devices. The price per day is 9€ with a maximum charge of 90€. We also hold a deposit of 100€.

Do you provide roof racks?

We do not provide roof racks. We recommend that you check your boot capacity on our web-site to be sure of adequate storage space.


What is the petrol policy? Can I return the vehicle with a full tank?

See our General Rental Conditions.

How much does a tank of petrol cost?

The cost of fuel varies depending on the model of vehicle, and that can be from 75€ to 160€ per tank. We always ask clients to pay the full cost of fuel at the beginning of the hire period.

Gold Club

How do I become a Gold customer?

You will automatically become a member of our Gold Club on completing your third direct rental with Centauro. You will receive a welcome email with your user’s key and password, giving you direct access to the Gold zone on our web-site.

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